Top Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress


We all deal with stress and anxiety in our daily lives. Whether it comes from business or personal relationships, learning how to effectively cope with anxiety and manage stress levels plays a vital role in living a happy and successful life.

Yoga is also a powerful tool for helping to channel negative energy from your body so that you can reset your mind and spirit so that you’re focused on remaining calm and relaxed. In addition, these poses will help you experience an increase in energy and focus while decreasing tension.

Eagle Pose: This pose will test your balance and core strength. Step 1: Begin by standing in the mountain pose with your feet together, and your knees slightly bent. If you aren’t sure how to complete the mountain stance, you can watch this video here:

You could also choose to start in a chair position where you sit deeply within the pose right from the beginning. Step 2: Shift your weight onto your left foot and cross your right thigh over your left. If you can hook your right foot behind your left calf, go for it! If not, don’t worry. You’ll still gain all the benefits of this strengthening pose. Step 3: Cross your left elbow over your right and bring the palms of your hands together.

Step 4: Squeeze your legs together and sit back as if sitting in a chair. Lift your elbows to shoulder height and reach your hands forward away from you to feel that stretch. If you feel comfortable, you can bow slightly forward and bring the bottom of your elbow to the top of your knee. Here’s another pose to help you eliminate stress and anxiety:

Child’s Pose: This is a great pose to help you relax, but it’s also a fantastic resting position in between more intense transitions. Step 1: Start on your hands and knees. Inhale deeply and begin to clear your mind of all thoughts. Listen to your breathing. Step 2: Spread your knees apart while keeping both big toes touching. Rest your buttocks on your heels comfortably. Step 3: Sit up straight to lengthen and stretch your spine. Now, exhale, bow forward, moving your torso in between your thighs. Let your forehead touch the floor.

Step 4: Keep your arms extended and stretched with your palms facing down as you press back slightly with your hands, maintaining contact with your buttocks and your heels. Keep your eyes closed as you breathe in, breathe out.

Step 5: Hold for a minute or longer. To release, use your hands to walk your torso back into an upright, sitting position.

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