Do you Massage your Face?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

🌸Massaging Your Face🌸

Massaging your face is another essential practice for healthy skin and can also be really relaxing! While being an effective way to counter wrinkles, massaging is a slow process and its results are obvious only if it is practiced regularly for an extended period of time. That said, there is no doubt that massage is highly benecial for tightening facial tissues, increasing blood ow, stimulating nerves and thus, boosting collagen production.

Massage is most effective if the skin is thoroughly cleaned rst . Do not forget to remove all traces of make-up, otherwise particles of dirt will end up blocking the pores of the skin. If the skin is oily, then remove oiliness by applying cleansing milk or some astringent lotion. Fresh lemon juice is also very effective in removing excess oiliness. If the skin is dry, use a good moisturizer before massaging it. Finally, apply Vitamin E cream using only enough to give sufcient greasiness to the skin so that the hands and ngers move smoothly on the face.

After having cleaned the skin, press it with light but rm ngers, putting a little pressure while applying a good moisturizer. Make sure to hold the skin rmly and apply even pressure. The massage should start from the neck upwards and end at the forehead or temples because all veins and tissues get an increased blood supply by this process.

The skin around the eyes is delicate, so it is advisable to apply cream on this part without pressing it in too deeply. Cream takes 15 to 20 minutes to get absorbed by the skin, so massage should continue that long. Wipe off extra cream with a cotton wool swab soaked in water (preferably rose water). The best time to massage the face is before going to bed.

Types Of Facial Massages

Slow Massage - This is the most common method of massage. The secret is to massage slowly while patting/vibrating the skin. Using the eshy part of your nger tips, press the skin lightly but rmly. The process starts at the base of the neck at a slow speed. The speed increases as the ngers move upwards. Stroking gives rest to the nerves and the vibration is useful in subduing pain that might be caused on sensitive areas.

Fast Massage - The front half of both the palms are used to massage at speed, taking care to make a circular motion upwards.

Pressure Massage - This is a method when slow, deep pressure is applied by the ngertips and is very effective for removing pouches beneath eyes.

Stroking Massage - Cheeks are stroked with the tips of ngers and strokes are applied from the nose to the temples on both sides.

Pinching Massage - Effective for a sagging chin or wrinkles on the jawline, the skin is held, as in pinchers, between the thumb and ngers and gently massaged.

Friction Massage - This massage requires pressure on the skin while it is being moved over the underlying bone and muscle structures. Fingers or palms are usually best for this type of massage and hard movements are usually employed on the scalp while light movements are used on the face and neck.

Piano Playing Movements - This exercise develops facial muscles and makes them rm. It should be done on the entire face, especially the cheek area, with your ngers, and the movements must be supple yet brisk.


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